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They said when a girl cut her hair; she must have gone through a traumatic experience. It’s maybe true. A haircut could make you feel renewed, fresh, and different. A haircut could represent change and change could mean we are ready to move on. There is a lot of interpretation that we could make with one haircut (and I could write three more blogs about it), but if you dig deep, you could see that a haircut represents courage.

I had my first haircut when I was 16 when I decided to go for a bob. Before that, all I…

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I’m officially 22!!! I know you cannot hear it, but trust me, I am playing the song “22” in the background, while I am writing this.

I had a plan for today, for my 22nd hatchday. I planned to listen to “22” all day in the office, then running off to the cute little Japanese Cake Shop after work to get that adorable and delicious fruit cake (I am a chocolate cake person, but that Japanese shop makes the best fruit cake). It might sound simple, but to me, that plan would be the most serene day — just enjoying…

(There is no need for a long title because we all know how it has been)

Photo concept: when darkness meets light

It’s 31st December, posts of new years’ resolution and people doing a reflection of their 2020 have been flooding on my social media’s feeds. Everyone has gone through a tough time, but somehow it seems that they have fought through and processed what is happening in their own way. Some emerge stronger than ever, while some are still lost and trying to find a way to cope with all the crazy things that have been happening in 2020 (spoiler alert: it continues to 2021…

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“People that have lived overseas for a period of time tend to look disconnected when they return home.”

My friend said this phrase to me after my re-entering. I did not know it back then, but now looking back, I realised that it captured the impact that reverse culture shock could have on returnees.

As mentioned in the previous article, reverse culture shock happens because of our perception of home as changed after immersing ourselves in the new culture for a long while. The magnitude of reverse culture shock varies according to how much a person has assimilated or felt…

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When we are going abroad for a long period of times, either for months or years, there are only two things that we normally hear. The first is for us to be prepared physically and emotionally for culture shock because we will experience the shocking changes in culture, routine, custom, and settings in our host country; therefore, it is always best to expect some emotional difficulties. …

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As we are growing older, ascending in adulthood, it feels like the day is getting shorter and shorter that it is impossible to spend some times to ourselves. From the moment we woke up, we have been rushing out to complete the tasks that need to be done for the day. Every day is the same. We are rushing out in the morning and getting home late in the evening all stressed out and exhausted.

Why are trying so hard and torturing ourselves like so? It is because of the fear of missing out. The thought that if we do…

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“A perfect 4.0 GPA” that is the goal and dream of most of the universities students. It would be easy to get if the university is just about attending classes and taking exams, but the reality is it is not. In addition to attending three hours of classes daily, there are also self-studying, assignment, presentation, and extra-curricular, all of which make college life busier than an eight-hour full-time job. Years after years, college students would have to stay up late and keep themselves caffeinated by all those coffee and energy drinks just to keep up with the workloads given every…

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“What is your plan after college?”

“Where do you want to work when you graduate?”

If you are a college student approaching your final years in college or about to graduate, I am pretty sure that you have been asked the two questions just as much as I have. How do you feel when you hear the questions? Can you answer them in an instance?

If your answer is “yes, I know what my plan is”, please accept this sincere congratulation from me. …


Three years ago, you told yourself that you would love yourself better,

You said you would be strong and independent,

Now three years later, you’re on the same bed, drowning your plushie with tears,

The only different is this time the tears are for a different person.

You promised to love yourself, but clearly you still don’t,

For what is worse, you hate yourself even more.

For three years, you’ve taken many different turn, but in the end, you end up where you started,

The only thing that you do better is this time you also start cutting again,


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Since my birthday is approaching in a few hours, let me tell you my secret, my deepest most-hidden secret. I have a secret fear, a major fear. It is not my normal fear of dogs nor my intense fear of height. This fear is deep and a psychological one. It is also not my body-insecurity or my issue of low self-esteem. This fear is the one that I have never told anymore, not even to the persons closest to me. …

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